10 Felines Who Need To Have A Chat With The Cat Therapist

Cat owners have begun posting the strange things they’ve observed their cats performing on the WhatsWrongWithYourCat subreddit. Below are a few of the top ones:

  1. This cat appears to be thinking about their life decisions:
  1. And here’s a cat who appears to be giving up on life altogether:
  1. This feline, who might have just received some awful news:
  1. These cats who seem to be participating in a spooky séance:
  1. This cat, who appears to be dissatisfied with everything:
  1. This cat, tummy facing upward, enjoys dozing down atop cabinets:
  1. And this board-stiff-asleeping cat:
  1. This feline who likes to lounge about in soiled underwear:
  1. This cat, who may not be a real bonehead,
  1. And here’s a cat that may have bones, but they appear to be broken:

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