King Abdullah University Training For Various Disciplines 2021

Country: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
University: KAUST
Duration: 3 to 6 months
Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
Deadline: Accepting applications throughout the year

The Visiting Student Research Program (VSRP)

is a special program that provides students the chance to conduct inventive research at KAUST. With inquire about opportunities that span the breadth of the scientific and engineering fields, driven students with unquenchable interest and solid academic performance can pick up unparalleled openings to seek after their research questions beneath the guidance and back of KAUST faculty tutors. Get prepared to contribute your thoughts in a worldwide research community

Applications are presently open for KAUST Worldwide Internships within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2020. Usually a completely funded training will be conducted at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. KAUST VSRP Internship is a universal training for all students from all over the world. Each year they select 130 students in more than 150 projects available for their internship program.

All eligible international Undergraduates, graduates, and master’s students from around the world are qualified for the KAUST Youth Training Program. The length of the VSRP internship will be 3 to 6 months. There will be a few free time as well as social exercises too.


A completely funded training for universal students. All costs will be secured. VSRP is free training overseas in Saudi Arabia additionally a paid internship.

The total benefits are:

$ 1000 per month

Visa charge ticket and tour

Bedroom and private bathroom health insurance

Social and other activities Community assets

Applications (online) to start in the summer training program at King Abdullah University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are always open throughout the year. You can apply at any time throughout the year. They accept requests.

To apply, go to the official internship website at KAUST. You can visit the official website of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology https://vsrp.kaust.edu.sa/internship.html


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