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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships for college in Germany

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  • scholarships for college in Germany Universities and Technical colleges also.
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  • Scholarships for International Students + German students
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Both German and abroad international students are qualified to apply for Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. scholarships in any university or technical college in Germany.

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships for international students give a great opportunity for youthful gift plans to develop their career and educational improvement. The Establishment is trying to find people committed to socio-political objectives.

Candidates get up to €744 per month. In expansion, there’s a month to month flat-rate ponder charge of €300 euros, which all scholars can openly utilize.

Depending on the applicant’s circumstance, scholars may too get a commitment to health insurance of up to €71 and long-term care insurance of up to €15 per month.

Candidates with children can get a family remittance of €155 euros per month. The scholarship does not need to be repaid.

The scholarships support remains overseas during the funding period – through appropriations for travel costs, educational costs, and worldwide health insurance. especially for study or research remains dialect courses and internships of up to 12 months.

Applicants should have

  • Above-average performance in school and studies.
  • Political thinking.
  • Socio-political engagement and identification with the values ​​of social democracy.
  • Tolerance and accessibility.
  • Thirst for knowledge.
  • Ability to work as a team.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Self-reflection.


Bachelors and Masters degree

Applicants for basic Bachelors and Masters scholarships must have the following:

1-First-year students (Germans and international students) must apply for the scholarship before or at the beginning of the first semester.

2-Foreign applicants must also demonstrate sufficient German language skills.

3-Confirmation of the certificate of enrollment at a state or state-recognized German university or technical college for the course for which they need to be supported.

PhD programs

PhD funding applicants must have:

1-Foreign applicants must also demonstrate sufficient German language skills.

2-Unconditional notification of admission to the doctoral scholarships.


The deadline for applications to Master’s scholarships for international students is 31 May 2021 for the Summer semester.

Ph.D. Scholarships for international students are open at any time.

Benefits of study in Germany

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